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  The Tuber Concord (TL/C - SPR)
Posted by: Quebecshire - 06-03-2023, 10:35 PM - Forum: Treaties - No Replies

The Tuber Concord

Article I. Mutual Recognition

Section 1. The parties to this treaty recognize as legitimate governments that government espoused by the authoritative representatives of each region, and will not extend recognition to any government otherwise represented.

Section 2. Spiritus shall be authoritatively represented by the Executive Government, as the official government of the region, led by the Chief Executive

Section 3. The League shall be authoritatively represented by the Consulate of the Republic, the region’s heads of state and high representatives.

Section 4. Should the government of either party change, authoritative representation will be performed by the corresponding functionally equivalent positions or institutions.

Section 5. A “territory” of either party shall be a region which exists under the sovereign protection or control of the party’s legitimate government. In order for a territory or home region to be afforded protections under this treaty, it must be listed below. Additional territories may be added through a mutually agreed amendment of the list by both parties:
  • Spiritus, as the home region of Spiritus
  • The League, as the home region of The League
  • Concord, as a territory of The League

Section 6. In recognition of diplomatic relations between them, the parties’ home regions shall maintain in-game embassies, off-site embassies on their respective regional forums, and diplomatic representatives within each other's regions, to the best of their abilities.

Article II. Non-Aggression and Mutual Defense

Section 1. The parties to this treaty agree not to attack the home region or any territory of the other party, nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

Section 2. Both parties will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of either party’s home region or territories.

Section 3. Both parties will refrain from conducting clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against either party.

Section 4. Both parties will, in good faith, agree to provide intelligence to the appropriate security organs on the acts or intentions of any party engaging in military hostilities, a coup d’état, or any acts of subversion against the home region, territory, or legitimate government of either party. For Spiritus, the appropriate security organ will be the Chief Executive. For The League, the appropriate security organ will be any member of the Consulate of the Republic.

Section 5. The parties to this treaty may seek assistance for the self-defense of their home region or a territory by lodging an official request with the appropriate officials.

Section 6. Both parties agree to aid each other against attempts to illegally overthrow the in-game Delegate of their respective home regions or territories.

Article III. Further Cooperation

Section 1. The parties will assist each other during lawful delegate transitions of their home region or a territory upon request if circumstances permit.

Section 2. The parties to this treaty will endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities.

Section 3. The parties will not conduct deliberate recruitment against either’s home regions or territories and will exclude the other party from recruitment programs of that nature whenever possible.

Section 4. The parties will collaborate on World Assembly proposals to a mutually beneficial extent, notably regarding the recognition of each others’ members and ensuring the continuation of Security Council Resolution 419.

Article IV. Ratification, Dispute Settlement, Suspension of Terms, and Termination of the Treaty.

Section 1. This treaty shall enter into effect upon completion of the respective lawful ratification processes of Spiritus and The League.

Section 2. The parties to this treaty undertake to settle any and all disputes between them through peaceful means and to refrain from using the threat of force or sanction against one another while this treaty is in force.

Section 3. Either party may suspend the terms of the treaty, if the other party has materially breached its terms, until such a time that both parties peacefully settle the dispute and adopt a memorandum of understanding that the treaty is again in force.

Section 4. Either party may terminate the treaty with five days’ notice, posted publicly in the forum of deposit in both regions, after which the terms of the treaty are no longer binding on either party. Termination of this treaty shall not itself be interpreted as an act of aggression.

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  Results: The Tuber Concord
Posted by: Creeperopolis - 06-01-2023, 10:40 PM - Forum: Council of the Republic - No Replies

[Image: rc9WluB.png]
Council of the Republic

Results: The Tuber Concord

The Council of the Republic has completed their advisory vote on The Tuber Concord. There were 21 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions, and 3 absences.

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  Official List of Claimed Companies
Posted by: CHSStormTracker - 05-28-2023, 06:29 PM - Forum: Roleplay Information - No Replies

This is the official list of currently claimed companies in the Terraconserva Roleplay, although this list is intended to be accurate, it may not always be entirely up to date.

If you have any issues please contact a TRA staff member, and we’ll get the problem sorted out. 

If you wish to claim a company go here: 
TRA Company Claims Form
Automobile Companies
  • Argale (Argyll) - Paleocacher
  • Ferrari - Salisford
  • Fiat - Salisford
  • Ford - Creeperopolis
  • Formula 1 - Andaluzia (Jointly run)
  • Jeep - New Gandor
  • Lada - Eleutherios
  • Mercedes-Benz - Jackson
  • Plasan Sasa - Tranquillia
  • Rolls-Royce - Baltanla
  • Saab - Svedonia
  • Stellantis (Chrysler, Land Rover, Dodge consortium) - Paleocacher
  • Subaru - Kivu 
  • Toyota - Montcrabe
  • Volvo - Monsilva and Reykanes (Jointly run)
  • ZiL - Reykanes

Aviation Companies
  • Aermacchi - Salisford
  • Aero Vodochody - Terranihil
  • Airbus - Andaluzia, Jackson, and Salisford
  • Atlas Aircraft Corporation - Reykanes
  • Bell Textron - Paleocacher
  • Boeing - Quebecshire
  • Bréguet Aviation - Reykanes
  • British Aerospace (BAe) - Montesayette
  • Cessna - Paleocacher
  • Chengdu - Jackson
  • Dassault Aviation - Salisford
  • Elbit Systems Ltd. - Pavulturilor
  • Embraer - Paleocacher
  • Gulfstream Aerospace - New Gandor
  • Helibras - Paleocacher
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - Tranquillia
  • Ilyushin- Zloveshchiy
  • Israel Aerospace Industries - Pavulturilor
  • Jet Aviation - New Gandor
  • Kamov - Pavulturilor
  • Lockheed-Martin - Quebecshire
  • McDonald-Douglas    - Creeperopolis
  • Mikoyan - Zloveshchiy
  • Northrup-Grumman    - Kivu
  • Pilatus - Eleutherios
  • Rayethon Technologies - Montcrabe
  • Robinson Helicopter Company - Jackson
  • Safran - Jackson
  • Shenyang - Baltanla
  • Sikorsky - Baltanla
  • Sukhoi - Akvarelusus
  • Tupolev - Ajakanistan
  • VNIIRT - Reykanes
  • Westland - Eleutherios

Rail Companies
  • CAF - Kivu
  • Chittaranjan Locomotive Works - Dapongdommul
  • Electro-Motive Diesel - Creeperopolis
  • General Electric (Locomotives only) - Baltanla
  • Hitachi - Monsilva
  • MÁV - Reykanes
  • MÁVAG - Reykanes
  • Shanghai Metro/Siemens - Jackson
  • Siemens - Baltanla
  • Stadler - Reykanes
  • TÜLOMSAŞ - Rowanillia

Ship Companies
  • Austal - Paleocacher
  • Bath Iron Works - New Gandor
  • China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation - Baltanla
  • Damen Shipyards - Jackson
  • Elefsis Shipyard - Eleutherios
  • Fincantieri - Salisford
  • General Dynamics Electric Boat - New Gandor
  • Hindustan Shipyard Limited - Dapongdommul
  • Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding  - Baltanla
  • Huntington Ingalls - Monsilva
  • K Shipbuilding - Jackson
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  -Jackson
  • Marinette Marine - Eleutherios
  • National Steel and Shipbuilding Company - New Gandor
  • Navantia - Kivu
  • Swan Hunter - New Gandor

Firearm Companies
  • Beretta - Salisford    
  • Bumar-Labedy - New Gandor    
  • CZUB - Terranihil and Reykanes  
  • FB "Łucznik" Radom - New Gandor    
  • FN Herstal - Eleutherios    
  • Heckler and Koch - Gjorka    
  • IMI Systems - Pavulturilor    
  • Kel-Tec - Tranquillia    
  • Ordnance Factory Board -  Dapongdommul    
  • Remington Arms - Paleocacher  
  • Taurus - Paleocacher
  • Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów - New Gandor

Defense Companies
  • Defence Research and Development Organisation - Tranquillia
  • Eidgenössische Konstruktionswerkstätte -Reykanes
  • FNSS Defence Systems - Kivu
  • General Dynamics - New Gandor (Including all subsidiaries, most are listed)
  • General Dynamics Land Systems - New Gandor
  • Leonardo S.p.A. - Salisford
  • MOWAG - Gjorka
  • PT Pindad - Terranihil
  • Rafael Advanced Defense Systems - Pavulturilor
  • Uralvagonzavod - Ajakanistan

Conglomerate Companies
  • Daewoo - Monsilva
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries  - Monsilva
  • Military Technical Institute  - Montesayette
  • Bombardier - Baltanla
  • General Electric (Planes and Computers) - Salisford
  • Tata Group - Dapongdommul
  • Textron - Paleocacher

Miscellaneous Companies 
  • ENI S.p.A. - Salisford
  • Gleason - New Gandor
  • Istituto Luce - Salisford
  • John Deere - New Gandor
  • Nokia - Groffenord
  • NSO Group - Tranquillia
  • Pfizer - Monsilva
  • Spotify - Svedonia

Last Updated: 6/2/2023 

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  Citizenship Application
Posted by: Greater Dormansland - 05-24-2023, 08:27 PM - Forum: Citizenship Applications - No Replies


Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Greater Dormansland

Notable/Previous Aliases and Nicknames: Just call me the UKGD for short

Previous Nations in The League or Concord (if applicable): None I can remember

Previous Regions (and involvement in them): Was founded in the South Pacific, but made no involvement and moved to Concord the same day.

Discord Tag (example: Username#1234):  GreaterDormans#9460

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  Opening Speech of Speaker Kanjuura
Posted by: Kanjuura - 05-22-2023, 03:14 AM - Forum: Council of the Republic - No Replies

Greeting citizens of the League and Concord!
It is an honor to be chosen as Speaker of the Council, although most times I find myself underqualified for almost any government position I am pleased that this trust has been granted to me. It is important to me the continuing stability and security of the republic. I am well pleased by the current trajectory of the republic with continuing growth through newcomers and newly founded nations in Concord. I hope that during my term as speaker this prosperity can continue and I will act accordingly in the position I have been given to help the region in its goals and bright future. Thank you and I hope all good things for all the council delegates and citizens of this great republic!

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  pick a superpower but next post decides a side effect
Posted by: Svedonia - 05-03-2023, 09:00 PM - Forum: Spam Games - Replies (1)

I can fly, ignoring any thermodynamic law

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  Spin the TMP Wheel!
Posted by: JackEmpire - 05-03-2023, 07:42 PM - Forum: Spam Games - Replies (2)

Spin the wheel of misfortune at TMP! Each post that says spin must be replied with their “gift” by the next post.

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  Results: Amendment to CRL-29
Posted by: Creeperopolis - 04-16-2023, 11:15 PM - Forum: Council of the Republic - No Replies

[Image: rc9WluB.png]
Council of the Republic

Results: Amendment to CRL-29

The Council of the Republic has completed their advisory vote on the Amendment to CRL-29. There were 24 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention, and 3 absences.

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  The Aegis Accords (MULTILATERAL)
Posted by: Quebecshire - 04-08-2023, 04:09 AM - Forum: Treaties - No Replies

The Aegis Accords

We, the Parties of this treaty, striving for greater cooperation between our regions, recognizing our shared commitment to defender values, and acknowledging our interconnected friendship and collaboration including through existing treaties and alliances, agree to establish the Aegis Accords.

Table of contents

  1. Mutual Recognition
  2. Non-Aggression and Mutual Defense
  3. Intelligence Sharing
  4. Cooperation
  5. Councils
  6. Ratification, Expulsion, Withdrawal, Protected Regions
  7. Amendments
  8. Deposition and Annexes

  1. Parties to the Aegis Accords
  2. Recognized Intelligence Sharing Entities
  3. Recognized Protected Regions

Article 1: Mutual Recognition
  1. The Parties to this treaty recognize the government of each Party, based upon its constituting instruments and laws, as legitimate and will not extend that recognition to any government that comes to power unlawfully.
  2. A Party must maintain in-game embassies with all other Parties. When applicable, a Party must maintain off-site embassies with other Parties. It is also recommended Parties exchange diplomats with all other Parties.

Article 2: Non-Aggression and Mutual Defense
  1. The Parties vow to never attack the home region or Protected Regions of another Party, nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow a Party’s legitimate government or conspire to the same.
  2. A Party must not conduct clandestine operations, espionage, or any other forms of spying against another Party.
  3. The Parties agree to provide military assistance where possible in the event of a military attack, which includes but is not limited to a coup d’état, an invasion, or a raid, against the home region of another Party or a Protected Region thereof.

Article 3: Intelligence Sharing
  1. A Party must provide the Parties any intelligence it holds that is relevant to military hostilities, a coup d’état, or any acts of subversion against the home region, Protected Regions, or legitimate government of another Party.
  2. Intelligence must be shared with the relevant security organization or other entity per each Party’s wishes, as recognized in a Treaty Annex.
  3. The Parties agree to maintain the classified nature of sensitive information regarding military affairs that concerns the other Parties or their defensive military operations, unless they are authorized to share the information by the Party whom the information concerns.

Article 4: Cooperation
  1. The Parties declare that they share the general goal of protecting the sovereignty of NationStates regions and self-identify as Defender regions.
  2. The Parties to this treaty shall strive for closer cooperation in defensive military operations and liberations of innocent regions across NationStates.
  3. The Parties will also cooperate to counter quorum raiding, the tactic of disrupting the quorum of a proposal in the World Assembly by raiding regions whose Delegates have approved it, when it is being committed against regions not espousing hateful ideologies or otherwise posing a threat to other NationStates communities.
  4. The Parties agree to provide military assistance to lawful transitions of power between World Assembly Delegates of a Party, if requested.
  5. The Parties to this treaty will endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities with one or more of the other Parties to benefit the people of all Parties and strengthen the causes of peace, liberty, and defending, when feasible to do so.
  6. The Parties to this treaty will share strategies and techniques to further develop the endorsement culture of their respective regions and to increase the number of endorsements of their respective World Assembly Delegates.
  7. The Parties to this treaty agree to develop communal strategies to improve the quality and superiority of potatoes above all other foods, as is right and proper.

Article 5: Councils
  1. A Council of the Parties is defined as an official meeting of the Parties in order to discuss a matter relevant to this treaty.
  2. Any Party may call a Council of the Parties. A Council of the Parties has the power to:
    a. Approve a request by a region to accede to this treaty.
    b. Expel a Party if that Party violates this treaty or otherwise shows concerning behavior.
    c. Recognise a region as a Protected Region of a Party.
    d. Propose an amendment to this treaty for the Parties’ ratification.
  3. Each Party may send one voting representative to the Council. The Council begins once 75% of all Parties declare attendance. If a Party does not send a representative to the Council, it must provide an explanation for its absence. Parties may switch representatives during a Council.
  4. Once a matter has been before the Council for a week, any voting representative may move it to a vote with a second from another representative. A motion to vote beforehand requires the stated support of over 50% of Parties.
  5. Votes will be open for a week or until the requisite majority has been attained, whichever occurs first.
  6. Votes before the Council, not including motions to vote, must achieve a 75% majority of all voting representatives to be considered 'Passed' before the Council. Any representative who abstains shall not be counted in the vote tally.
  7. If a Council is called to expel a Party from this treaty or to remove recognition of a Protected Region of a Party, the Party in question may discuss in the Council but cannot vote and the Party’s attendance will not impact the presence of a quorum.
  8. The voting representative of the Party who called the Council is responsible for monitoring the discussion time, opening votes, closing votes, and announcing vote results. They may, with the support of another Party, adjourn the Council if a vote is not held within four weeks of the Council convening. Should the voting representative of said Party switch out with another representative, the new representative shall assume the duties of the previous representative.
  9. Once the Council has dealt with the matters for which it was convened, it must adjourn.

Article 6: Ratification, Expulsion, Withdrawal, Protected Regions

  1. Any region interested in acceding to the treaty must make a formal request to a Party to this treaty.
  2. If the request is approved by the Council and this treaty is approved by the applying region in accordance with its laws or norms, the applying region becomes a Party to this treaty.
  3. If a Party violates this treaty or otherwise shows concerning behavior, another Party may call a Council to discuss expelling the Party in question. If the Council decides to expel the Party, it ceases to be a Party to this treaty.
  4. A Party may withdraw from the treaty by providing at least seven days notice to the other Parties.
  5. The Council may declare any region to be a Protected Region, to which the Parties will extend their defense and intelligence obligations. Protected Regions are to be listed in a Treaty Annex.
  6. Any Party may call a Council to remove recognition of a Protected Region for any reason.

Article 7: Amendments
  1. A Party may call a Council to discuss and vote on a proposed amendment to this treaty.
  2. If a proposed amendment is approved by the Council, the proposed amendment is sent to each of the Parties for its ratification. A Party must notify the Council of its ratification or rejection of the proposed amendment. The proposed amendment goes into effect once all Parties have ratified it, or 1 month after its approval by the Council if no Party has rejected it, whichever occurs earlier. If a Party rejects an amendment, it shall be considered failed and will not be enacted.
  3. A Party that failed to ratify or reject the proposed amendment within 1 month of Council approval is eligible for expulsion for inactivity.

Article 8: Deposition and Annexes
  1. The Parties must publicly record the complete text of this treaty in their respective appropriate record-keeping places.
  2. Alongside the complete text of the treaty shall be placed any annexes, which shall be updated as appropriate by the Parties. Establishment, abolishment, and/or update to an annex shall not be considered an amendment to this treaty.

Annex I: Parties to the Aegis Accords

The Parties to the Aegis Accords are:
  1. 10000 Islands
  2. The Rejected Realms
  3. The Coalition of the South Pacific
  4. The Baked Potato (with Cheese and Sour Cream) of Spiritus
  5. The Union of Democratic States
  6. The League
  7. The Order of the Grey Wardens

Annex II: Recognized Intelligence Sharing Entities

The Parties to the Aegis Accords recognize the following entities for the purpose of intelligence sharing:
  1. For 10000 Islands, the Chief Executive or Field Commander of the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization
  2. For the Rejected Realms, the High Commander of the Rejected Realms Army
  3. For the South Pacific, the Council on Regional Security and South Pacific Special Forces General Corps
  4. For Spiritus, the Chief Executive of the Baked Potato (with Cheese and Sour Cream)
  5. For the Union of Democratic States, the President and Minister of Defense
  6. For The League, the Office of the Consulate and the Domestic Security Bureau
  7. For The Order of the Grey Wardens, the First Warden

Annex III: Recognized Protected Regions

The Parties to the Aegis Accords reserve this annex for recognized protected regions.
  • Concord
  • A Taco Paradise
  • The Amaranthine Isles

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  Regarding the Department of Culture
Posted by: gagium - 04-02-2023, 09:03 PM - Forum: Executive Government - No Replies

[Image: Department_of_Culture_Seal.png]

Office of the Director of Culture
The Republic of The League and Concord

I would like to thank the Consulate for granting me the opportunity to serve as Director of Culture. I would also like to thank my predecessor, Jack Empire, for their service as Director of Culture, through which the Department of Culture organized the region's first organized chess tournament, as well as the other staff within the Department of Culture who have helped shape the region's culture and organize events for the past several months.

Under the Cultural Enrichment Act, passed by the Council of the Republic in August last year, the Department of Culture is tasked with managing the region's cultural affairs, including hosting events and generating interest in said events. As such, it is my job as Director of Culture to work with the Consulate, the Council, and other interested residents to lead the Department in coming up with new ways for citizens and residents of The League and Concord to be involved members of our community. During my tenure, I will ensure that the Department is wholly devoted to creating a fun environment for our community while generating interest in regional culture and affairs.

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