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  TUFA League of Victors: Results and Information
Posted by: im_a_waffle1 - 11-16-2023, 01:01 PM - Forum: Roleplay Information - Replies (9)

TUFA League of Victors
The TUFA League of Victors is the premier international club football competition of Terraconserva.
Wiki: https://lcnwiki.xyz/TUFA_League_of_Victors

In this thread, I will post results as well as information pertaining to deadlines and updated rules of the competition.

1980–81 Matchday 1 (pre-this thread): https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=53951530

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  Newcomer Role Removal Requests
Posted by: CHSStormTracker - 11-13-2023, 11:06 PM - Forum: Roleplay Information - Replies (2)

When you are first accepted into the Terraconserva Roleplay, you are given the TRA Newcomer role. All it means is that you are just learning how to use the Wiki and be a good participant in the roleplay, it also gives staff an easy way to see if people with this role need help with anything.

To have the Newcomer role removed, you must complete the tasks that are listed below. These tasks are designed to help you learn how to use the Wiki and get a good understanding of how everything works. When you have completed these tasks, you can apply in this thread to have the role removed and a RP moderator will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you have the role removed, you should have a good understanding of how everything works, including the Wiki. In addition, you will also get your continent role added, and you will be allowed to claim companies using our Company Claims Form

To have your Newcomer role removed, you need to complete the following

Every page you make, especially the pages that you make to have your role removed, should meet the following criteria:

1. Each page should have a decent introductory paragraph, ideally consisting of several sentences.

2. Completed infoboxes, the infoboxes on all of your pages should contain all of the relevant information.

3. All pages must be properly categorized. 

4. Finally, as always you must realistic, this is arguably one of TRA’s most important rules.

Now let’s get to what you need to do to have your newcomer role removed:

1. Make your Country, Capital City, and Leader pages:
  •  These are the required pages to be added to the map, they should be the first pages you make. To complete this task, your pages must meet the requirements to be added to the map.

2. Make 5 additional pages of your choosing:
  • They can be about anything that contributes to the building of your country’s lore. Some suggestions would be making a page for your language, a page for your ethnic group, when possible.

3. Add yourself to the following stats pages:
  •  The next step is to properly add yourself to all of the following statistics pages, make sure that you place your country in either the correct alphabetical or numerical place depending on the stat.

All of these pages can also be found at this link: Terraconserva Statistics 

4. Be added to the map:

The final step is to be added to the map, map updates are typically every 2 weeks. This step shouldn’t be hard, because you most likely will already be on the map by the time you meet the rest of the requirements to have your newcomer role removed. 

As always if you need help with anything please ask a staff member! We’re always happy to help!

When you have met the requirements to have the role removed, you can apply to have the role removed here by posting the following information in the thread below: 

1. Your Discord username:

2. The Name of your Nationstates nation: 

3. The Name of your TRA country:

4. The links to all 5 of the additional pages you made to complete step 2:

If any of this information is missing, your application to have your Newcomer role removed will be immediately denied.

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  Z-Day Puppet registry
Posted by: Spode - 10-30-2023, 10:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

very informal here because time is limited, but please let us know what puppets you're brining it
it'll be useful for crediting you for your work later, and for cleaning out the puppets

Bulk Response Unit A Rakeo Air Core 1-25 (71B)

Bulk Response Unit B Spode SEO Specialist 1-50 (281B)

Precision Response Unit Medical Robot 1-26

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  2023 Defender Awards
Posted by: Quebecshire - 10-19-2023, 03:04 AM - Forum: 2023 Defender Awards - No Replies

[Image: b5hZyIi.png]

The 2023 Defender Awards

Hosted at the Mirotvorets Plaza in The League & Concord

Please note official business (onsite voting, etc) will be conducted from 2023 Defender Awards. I am making this post from my main as that account is too new to post images.

Introduction, Rules, & Schedule

Welcome, all, to the 2023 Defender Awards! This iteration marks the first event of this kind since the ratification of the Award Accords in February 2023, and as you've already realized, it is hosted by The League & Concord. Specifically, Consul Quebecshire and Director of Culture Not Gagium.

"Celebrating a year of defender efforts, both triumphant and turbulent! From the liberations of New Westphalia and South Pacific, to the invasions of Islamic States and Solidarity, join us in celebrating defender-led victories, the efforts that fell short, and the people that made them all possible!"

We reserve discretion on removing bad-faith nominations.

NOTE: All events since November 11th, 2022 are considered valid nominations for these awards, as that is when the last iteration announced its results. Furthermore, The League & Concord retains the right to enforce its laws and customs on our forum. All proscribed or otherwise barred individuals must participated via the on-site means.

The Awards

This year features a full lineup, both the staple and optional awards. All graphics were produced by Director Not Gagium on behalf of The League & Concord Department of Culture.

Defender of the Year

The nation that has served the defender cause effectively the most the past year.

Ananke Award

The nation that has most proficiently and regularly noticed and alerted others of in-progress invasions.

Anarchotopia Award

The military most successful at curtailing invasions.

Sir Lans

Updater of the year.

Operation of the Year

The victory that had us on the edge of our seats, and proved to be the most fulfilling of the year.

Newcomer of the Year

The nation that has stormed onto the scene and made a name for themselves as a strong new defender.

Lifetime Achievement

An old person we want to feel good this year - a veteran who has contributed immense time and effort to the cause.

Best Defender Quote

Pretty self-explanatory.

Numero Capitan Award

The nation that has contributed the most to defender intelligence.

Karputsk Award

The nation that excels in leading liberations.

Worst Invasion / Worst Operation Award

The operation that had us all coping and seething.

Meltdown of the Year

The incident or event that had us all giving each other awkward, cringing looks.

Belgium Award

The nation that has advanced the defender cause in the Security Council the most.

Worst Invader Group

Again, fairly self-explanatory.

Eluvatar Award

The nation that has contributed the most to defender technological advancement.

Blackbird Award

The "best" invader group.

Mentor of the Year

The nation that has been a strong and effective mentor to new defenders.

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Posted by: Quebecshire - 10-19-2023, 03:00 AM - Forum: 2023 Defender Awards - Replies (21)

[Image: b5hZyIi.png]
The 2023 Defender Awards
Voting Thread

Voting is closed.

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Posted by: Quebecshire - 10-19-2023, 03:00 AM - Forum: 2023 Defender Awards - Replies (21)

[Image: b5hZyIi.png]

The 2023 Defender Awards

Nominations Thread

Open October 23rd - October 30th


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  Z-Day 12 Response Taskforce
Posted by: Spode - 10-14-2023, 10:17 PM - Forum: Executive Government - Replies (7)

[Image: BioEagle2_LeagueRed.png]

Z-Day 12 Taskforce
Join the Quaranteam

A pandemic looms on the horizon and the Preparedness Provisions Act's relevant portions have been activated. 
All citizens (apply here for citizenship) are invited to join in the regional response and its coordination.
Some level of participation will be expected for Z-Day if you sign-up. 
Sign-ups are open for one week- Can we save 1.3 trillion citizens?

What does the Z-Day Taskforce do?

You'll be helping the Consulate plan our strategy and activities in relation to Z-Day this year, including but not necessarily limited to,
  • Deciding/advising on regional policies (such as ejections/border control or lack thereof) during Z-Day.
  • Planning our response and deciding who will be designated leaders for the duration of the event itself.
  • Working on activities and awards relating to Z-Day this year.

This is a very open-ended taskforce- If you want to help more with pre-event preparations but have obligations that prevent you from participating to the fullest on Z-Day (30-31 October), please do not be dissuaded from signing up- Every contribution helps!

How do I sign-up/join?

Reply to this thread stating your interest/intent to sign-up, that's all. If you have questions, they can also be posted here.

Recorded signups:

- Hapatmitas
- Bootyswana
- Gagium

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  Meshi's Pet Photo Contest
Posted by: Quebecshire - 10-09-2023, 06:32 PM - Forum: Mirotvorets Plaza - Replies (12)

[Image: BnLbtWL.png]
Meshi's Pet Contest
The League & Concord
Since @Israelioverlord (Pavulturilor) joined the region, it's been a stable of our region's #public channel for them to post daily photos of his dog, Meshi. Unfortunately due to the outbreak of the conflict in Israel and Palestine, Pavulturilor has been unable to post pictures of his dog due to sheltering orders - and presumably Meshi has been unable to enjoy any walks for the last few days, and forseeable future.

So, in Meshi's name, we're going to do a simple pet photo contest! Anyone not banned from our regions is entitled to participate.

How to Enter:

  1. Upload a photo of your pet to Imgur.com and reply to this thread with a link to said image and your pet's name (if you're comfortable sharing).
  2. That's it - you're in. Also post the photo in #public on our Discord if you want!

I haven't decided when I'll close submissions, but I'll provide at least 24 hours notice.


We will do a poll, where the plurality winner will be crowned as The League & Concord's mascot alongside Meshi until the next equivalent contest. The winner will also be given two legendary cards. Second place will be given one legendary card.

If you have questions or concerns, post them here or message me on Discord!

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  Guess whose back - Back again
Posted by: Spode - 10-07-2023, 04:34 PM - Forum: Spam Games - Replies (4)

The forum monitor is back- Be sure to thank UPC here!

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  nom nom nom @Quebecshire @222006990535262208
Posted by: Spode - 10-07-2023, 03:43 PM - Forum: Spam Games - Replies (1)

Nom nom nom nom nom

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