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Z-Day 12 Response Taskforce
[Image: BioEagle2_LeagueRed.png]

Z-Day 12 Taskforce
Join the Quaranteam

A pandemic looms on the horizon and the Preparedness Provisions Act's relevant portions have been activated. 
All citizens (apply here for citizenship) are invited to join in the regional response and its coordination.
Some level of participation will be expected for Z-Day if you sign-up. 
Sign-ups are open for one week- Can we save 1.3 trillion citizens?

What does the Z-Day Taskforce do?

You'll be helping the Consulate plan our strategy and activities in relation to Z-Day this year, including but not necessarily limited to,
  • Deciding/advising on regional policies (such as ejections/border control or lack thereof) during Z-Day.
  • Planning our response and deciding who will be designated leaders for the duration of the event itself.
  • Working on activities and awards relating to Z-Day this year.

This is a very open-ended taskforce- If you want to help more with pre-event preparations but have obligations that prevent you from participating to the fullest on Z-Day (30-31 October), please do not be dissuaded from signing up- Every contribution helps!

How do I sign-up/join?

Reply to this thread stating your interest/intent to sign-up, that's all. If you have questions, they can also be posted here.

Recorded signups:

- Hapatmitas
- Bootyswana
- Gagium
Tech Lizard of The League
Arboreal Delegate of Concord
I have interest in signing up for Z-Day
I’m interested
I love Z-day
Not sure if I could make it again until this year’s Z-Day, but I’ll give it a second try.
I will be there
I will come along, or at least try to come along
I can't believe it's that time of year already. Sorry for procrastinating on the sign-up.

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