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Opening of the 26th Council of the Republic
[Image: rc9WluB.png]
Opening of the 26th Council of the Republic
Office of the Consulate

Citizens of The League and Concord,

The Office of the Consulate welcomes you as a member of the Council of the Republic, the regional legislature and advisory body. The Council will officially enter its 26th session with the conclusion of the July 2023 electoral confirmations. This cycle, a total of 26 members were nominated to join the council: 25 will serve 2 month terms and 1 will serve a 1 month term. Of the 26 Council Delegates, 21 are returning members and 5 are new members.

The Consulate will appoint @Goobdo as this session's Speaker of the Council, who has been a member of the Council since November 2022. He has been very active within the regional community, especially within the TRA roleplay where he helps organize the roleplay's soccer/football tournaments. We thank Kanjuura for his service as Speaker for the previous 25th Council.

We again welcome you all to the 26th Council, and we look forward to your contributions to the region and the ideas you will put forth!
█ █ 

3rd Chief Consul of The League and Concord
World Assembly Delegate of The League
Archivist of The League and Concord
Dear citizens and members of both League and Concord,

It is my absolute pleasure to be picked as Speaker of the Council by the Consultate, and sincerely hope that we can achieve great things together. We must continue to foster a healthy and open roleplaying community for all, and that - exactly - is my intention. Tying onto that, it will also be a priority of mine to listen to the concerns of all, and ultimately, work toward solutions and changes that may bring this community into its greatest possible state. All sectors of the League and Concord, and their opinions, should count equally, and that is something I mean to ensure. Montcrabe on top, as always, and thank you all. ?
Principality of Montcrabe - Goobdo
#1 Undisputed Pavulturilor Fanatic | Crab Afficionado
[Image: r2pNS3F.png] goobdo

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