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The Tuber Concord (TL/C - SPR)
The Tuber Concord

Article I. Mutual Recognition

Section 1. The parties to this treaty recognize as legitimate governments that government espoused by the authoritative representatives of each region, and will not extend recognition to any government otherwise represented.

Section 2. Spiritus shall be authoritatively represented by the Executive Government, as the official government of the region, led by the Chief Executive

Section 3. The League shall be authoritatively represented by the Consulate of the Republic, the region’s heads of state and high representatives.

Section 4. Should the government of either party change, authoritative representation will be performed by the corresponding functionally equivalent positions or institutions.

Section 5. A “territory” of either party shall be a region which exists under the sovereign protection or control of the party’s legitimate government. In order for a territory or home region to be afforded protections under this treaty, it must be listed below. Additional territories may be added through a mutually agreed amendment of the list by both parties:
  • Spiritus, as the home region of Spiritus
  • The League, as the home region of The League
  • Concord, as a territory of The League

Section 6. In recognition of diplomatic relations between them, the parties’ home regions shall maintain in-game embassies, off-site embassies on their respective regional forums, and diplomatic representatives within each other's regions, to the best of their abilities.

Article II. Non-Aggression and Mutual Defense

Section 1. The parties to this treaty agree not to attack the home region or any territory of the other party, nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

Section 2. Both parties will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of either party’s home region or territories.

Section 3. Both parties will refrain from conducting clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against either party.

Section 4. Both parties will, in good faith, agree to provide intelligence to the appropriate security organs on the acts or intentions of any party engaging in military hostilities, a coup d’état, or any acts of subversion against the home region, territory, or legitimate government of either party. For Spiritus, the appropriate security organ will be the Chief Executive. For The League, the appropriate security organ will be any member of the Consulate of the Republic.

Section 5. The parties to this treaty may seek assistance for the self-defense of their home region or a territory by lodging an official request with the appropriate officials.

Section 6. Both parties agree to aid each other against attempts to illegally overthrow the in-game Delegate of their respective home regions or territories.

Article III. Further Cooperation

Section 1. The parties will assist each other during lawful delegate transitions of their home region or a territory upon request if circumstances permit.

Section 2. The parties to this treaty will endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities.

Section 3. The parties will not conduct deliberate recruitment against either’s home regions or territories and will exclude the other party from recruitment programs of that nature whenever possible.

Section 4. The parties will collaborate on World Assembly proposals to a mutually beneficial extent, notably regarding the recognition of each others’ members and ensuring the continuation of Security Council Resolution 419.

Article IV. Ratification, Dispute Settlement, Suspension of Terms, and Termination of the Treaty.

Section 1. This treaty shall enter into effect upon completion of the respective lawful ratification processes of Spiritus and The League.

Section 2. The parties to this treaty undertake to settle any and all disputes between them through peaceful means and to refrain from using the threat of force or sanction against one another while this treaty is in force.

Section 3. Either party may suspend the terms of the treaty, if the other party has materially breached its terms, until such a time that both parties peacefully settle the dispute and adopt a memorandum of understanding that the treaty is again in force.

Section 4. Either party may terminate the treaty with five days’ notice, posted publicly in the forum of deposit in both regions, after which the terms of the treaty are no longer binding on either party. Termination of this treaty shall not itself be interpreted as an act of aggression.
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