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Regarding the Department of Culture
[Image: Department_of_Culture_Seal.png]

Office of the Director of Culture
The Republic of The League and Concord

I would like to thank the Consulate for granting me the opportunity to serve as Director of Culture. I would also like to thank my predecessor, Jack Empire, for their service as Director of Culture, through which the Department of Culture organized the region's first organized chess tournament, as well as the other staff within the Department of Culture who have helped shape the region's culture and organize events for the past several months.

Under the Cultural Enrichment Act, passed by the Council of the Republic in August last year, the Department of Culture is tasked with managing the region's cultural affairs, including hosting events and generating interest in said events. As such, it is my job as Director of Culture to work with the Consulate, the Council, and other interested residents to lead the Department in coming up with new ways for citizens and residents of The League and Concord to be involved members of our community. During my tenure, I will ensure that the Department is wholly devoted to creating a fun environment for our community while generating interest in regional culture and affairs.

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