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A Speech from Salisford
Hello, my name is Salisford, and I originally joined this community back in 2016, during the time when it was known as LCN. Soon after my arrival, I became involved in regional politics and eventually served on multiple regional cabinets.

In early 2018, I received an invitation to join the National Committee of Reconstruction, which later appointed the first three consuls. After Consul Neo resigned, I was selected, with his endorsement, to succeed him as Consul of the Republic on March 18th, 2018. I served in this capacity until my regrettable departure from LCN in 2019. After a brief hiatus from NS, I was invited back by the regional government in 2020, and I have since resumed my active involvement in regional politics and culture.

I am proud to have witnessed the growth and development of this great community and grateful to have humbly served as both a Consul and citizen for all these years. We have come a long way from being a tiny group of friends and acquaintances to becoming a truly massive community. I would never have dreamed of this community's size back in 2019.

It is an honor to continue serving you, and I look forward to seeing what future developments are in store for this great community.

Thank you.

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