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Forum/Community Awards
Hello everyone!

@Terry and I spent a little time working on a new plugin, and now we have integrated community awards. To check out the awards supported by our forums, visit this page (which is also on the header's set of links). From here you can see the awards integrated to the forum sorted by category, and click on them to see their recipients (and why those recipients were awarded them).

Right now, the only category is the Orders of the Republic (that seemed like a good starting point), but I'm sure we'll be happy to expand that going forward. All awards will display on the user's profile, I'll use Spode's as an example since he has two. The formatting on the profiles isn't amazing but it works, and we'll see if we can improve it moving forward.

Obviously people who have the awards but don't have forum accounts still have them - in the case of the Orders of the Republic at least, the "master index" so to speak of them remains the dispatch.

Hopefully this feature is well recieved, and naturally feel free to suggest (in this thread) further uses for it. Big Grin

- The admin team
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