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Department of Foreign Affairs
[Image: 01b2IE3.png]

Office of the Director of Foreign Affairs
The Republic of The League

The Department of Foreign Affairs is an official department of The League's government mandated by Council of the Republic Law. The Department of Foreign Affairs is overseen by the Consulate and Council of the Republic. The Consulate of the Republic hosts the Heads of State, and its members are Chief Consul Creeperopolis, Consul Quebecshire, and Consul Paleocacher.

The incumbent Director of Foreign Affairs is New San Antonio.
There is no incumbent Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs at this time.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has been run by the Director of Foreign Affairs New San Antonio since the 28 of January 2023. The Department of Foreign Affairs employs seven diplomatic agents:
These agents' assignments can be found on this dispatch: Department of Foreign Affairs Assignments

The Department of Foreign Affairs maintains diplomatic relations with many regions through Discord ambassadors, off-site forums, and on-site embassies.

Off-site diplomatic missions are listed below.

Dept. of Foreign Affairs Reports and Updates

Will be added at a later date

For further information on the Department of Foreign Affairs or to contact the The League regarding foreign affairs, please feel free to telegram or direct message the Director of Foreign Affairs, New San Antonio (Limephantom#3611), at any time.
Please note- For issues of Out Of Character (OOC) concern, contact administrators Quebecshire (Discord: Cubic#1608), Creeperopolis (Discord: Nuevas Ideas Creeper#1376), or Terranihil.


The Department of Foreign Affairs asks that all regions wishing to open diplomatic relations begin by reaching out to the Office of the Consulate and the Director of Foreign Affairs before sending an on-site embassy request. The Director of Foreign Affairs will exchange telegrams or Discord direct messages with all applicants. Ambassadors are expected to follow the server rules and behave appropriately. The Office of the Consulate and Department of Foreign Affairs maintain full discretion to accept or deny any requests.
For the Office of the Consulate on Discord, contact Nuevas Ideas Creeper#1376. For the Department of Foreign Affairs, contact Limephantom#3611.

International Treaties
Bilateral Treaties

Alliance of Tacos and Pupusas (with 10000 Islands, ratified 5 November 2022)

Ampëz–Weisshaupt Compact (with The Order of the Grey Wardens, ratified 18 March 2022)

Franconia Chiremba Accords (with The Free Nations Region, ratified 9 November 2022)

The Ekrina-Catan Accords (with The Rejected Realms, ratified 6 July 2022)

The Fellowship of Llamas and Eagles (with the South Pacific, ratified 6 August 2022)

The Golden Eagle Pact (with Warzone Empire, ratified 28 December 2021)

Treaty of Morya (with Europeia, ratified 6 May 2022)

Treaty of Savotta and Ribe (with Balder, ratified 16 September 2022)

Union Town-Madison Convention (with The Union of Democratic States, ratified 30 January 2023)

Multilateral Treaties

Partnership for Sovereignty Charter (multilateral, organization link, ratified 17 August 2021)

[Image: 8vuNddJ.png]
This is an Official Publication of the Department of Foreign Affairs of The League, mandated by the Council of the Republic.
Hola, soy Apocalipz, el líder de Avalantis. Soy diplomático de LKE, pero no encuentro dónde solicitar un diploma.

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