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CRL 35 – A Preparedness Provisions Act
A Preparedness Provisions Act

Presented by: Spode Humbled Minions

Preamble: Noting that the game is commonly besieged by multiple global crises on an annual basis, this council beseeches the consulate to take actions to prepare our community prior to these titanic events.


For the regular nuclear war (N-Day), the Consulate and military officials will coordinate the Republic’s response and foreign affairs with other regions and organizations while and before the event occurs, similarly its prior actions to prepare the Republic for N-Day 7 (2022).

In preparation of the yearly zombie pandemic in the interregional sphere, commonly known as Z-day and occurring on 28 October, the Consulate will establish a committee of concerned citizens at the beginning of the month. This committee will strive establish and distribute guidelines to the wider community on how to respond, its recommendations can involve emergency measures on approval by the Consulate.
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3rd Chief Consul of The League and Concord
World Assembly Delegate of The League
Archivist of The League and Concord

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